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Types Of Windows We Clean 10 Modern Day Architectural

While we may take types of windows windows for granted, they are the primary point of focus for architects when styling your home. There are various types of windows one can choose from. Each style differs mainly from the others in terms of architectural contribution, view, ventilation, etc. 

Most people inform architects about the theme they have in mind for their house and leave it to them to decide the style of windows, rooms, and other additions that complete a home. However, if you want to pick them yourself, here are 10 types of windows you can choose from.

Also remember, you should clean your windows at least once a year. Not performing yearly maintenance can damage your windows and cause your winter heating costs to rise. Its easy to take care of your windows and do things like get hard water stains of your windows.

Fixed Windows

Fixed windows stand up to their name and are fixed to the wall of your choice. The term fixed contributes more than that. It also means that these types of windows cannot be opened and hence closed. They are equipped with glazed shutters to prevent air, dust, or irrelevant material from entering your home. 

Fixed windows do not serve the traditional purpose of ventilation. They are primarily used to provide a scenic view of the outside landscape. This is why they are also called picture windows since they provide the most picture-perfect views to you.

Sliding Windows

Sliding windows offer two panels of windows, each of them having the ability to slide onto the other. This is enabled by the roller bearing that allows for swift sliding of the windows. Moreover, these types of windows do not require any extra outside space to open them.

The fact that only one panel of the window can be slid at a time means that you can only utilize half the ventilation potential of these windows. However, they are a perfect match for rooms of any size since their shape and size can be altered accordingly.

Skylight Windows

The skylight windows offer the most aesthetic appeal to any room they are vented in. They are fixed on the roof of the rooms, which means they can only be used in the topmost rooms of your house or building. 

Their only drawback is that they cannot open completely but can be pivoted at an angle to allow some airflow to enter the room. These types of windows are great lighting options but can offer a challenge when it comes to cleaning them.

Casement Windows

Casement windows are those types of windows that can tick off most of the requirements on your list. They open up like a door, and both the panels of the windows can be opened completely, allowing maximum air to enter your room. They offer a perfect view of the outside world only when you wish to see it. 

Casement windows offer weathertight protection. Thus, even if there is a storm raging outside, you can be assured that no drop of water will enter your room.

Metal Windows

Several material options can be made available if you choose metal windows for your home. These include mild steel, bronze, iron, aluminum, and stainless steel—all these types of metal guarantee extreme durability but with a cost. Metals are also prone to corrosion from environmental elements and can ruin the whole aesthetics of your house.

Sash Windows

Sash windows are known for elevating the overall look of your house. They can have multiple panels, but only one panel can open at a time. This limits your exposure to clean air entering the room. However, rest assured, sash windows are more secure and least likely to allow break-ins. Moreover, they do not require any extra dollars to be spent on maintenance.

Corner Windows

A sure way of enhancing the charm of your house is to install corner windows. These types of windows are fixed at the corners of your home, which adds a hint of uniqueness to the building. 

You can get an extensive scenic view of the outdoor scenery, adding a pleasant vibe to your surroundings. It is also a good way of allowing plenty of light in your house. Installing corner windows can be challenging, but leave it to the experts to deal with that.

Lantern Windows

Lantern windows are constructed at the roof of the house to allow an adequate amount of light into your rooms. This benefit, however, can only be acquired by the top-story room in your home. 

These types of windows can only be used if you have a flat slab of the roof in your house. If your house has a triangular top, then lantern windows are not for you. Other than abundant light, lantern windows offer a breathtaking night view of the starry sky that is unparalleled to any view you may have seen.

Clerestory Windows

Clerestory windows are a brilliant option if the rooms in your house have varying ceiling heights. Adopted from the Egyptian style of architecture, these types of windows have their own eccentric quality that amplifies the appearance of your house, especially at night.

They allow just enough light to enter your room and keep glares of sunlight away. Furthermore, they provide more privacy courtesy of their small size. 

Round Windows

If you wish to try something different from standard rectangular or square window shapes, then round windows are the perfect match for you. Their style is adapted from gothic architecture, allowing a good amount of light to enter your rooms. These rose types of windows require minimum maintenance and can be used as full circle, half circle, quarter circle, oval, or elliptical windows.

Word Of Advice

Each of the ten types of windows mentioned above has a lot to offer and some to lose. Do not be tempted to install a window in your house based on their style alone. Make a complete assessment of what you will gain from the windows of your choice and what you would be required to give up for them. 

You can also choose multiple styles for different rooms as long as they meet the theme you have in mind. Lastly, do not forget to consult your architect, as their advice can be invaluable and crucial in helping you make the right decision.