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How to clean windows streak free

How to clean windows streak free?

Learning how to clean windows streak-free is very important. Many times cleaning your windows might feel a bit hard but there are always options and benefits that come with it. The idea is to know what you are getting into and actively focus on getting a good outcome. Here are some tips on how to clean windows streak-free.  If you don’t want to clean your own windows, Oasis window cleaning can always help get your windows clean every year.


Due to its nature, vinegar is basically one of the best options if you want to remove any spots from your windows. It’s efficient and it’s also good at not leaving any streaks. The only downside for this might be the smell. But if you can get past that, it will be well worth it.

Use distilled water

Why is distilled water better? Because it doesn’t have those bad minerals that are a part of tap water. It’s way safer for anything and that alone makes it more desirable. It’s just one of the best ways to learn how to clean your windows the right way, and with this approach, you can totally do that very well.

Vacuum the windows first

Believe it or not, vacuuming will remove most of the dirt and grime. It will help a lot and that can be a crucial aspect to consider. Ideally, you want to learn how to clean the windows streak free, and vacuuming will help a lot in this instance. It’s not a simple method by any means, but it will work for what you need and that’s the most important part of it all.

Use microfiber towels

The microfiber towels are great because they bring in value, quality, and efficiency in a very good package. As long as you pay attention to the quality and value you will be more than ok. We encourage you to use only the best microfiber towels you can find to prevent problems.

Don’t use a lot of soap

Soap is great for cleaning windows, but not in a large amount. If you use a lot of soap, there will be issues. When you study how to clean windows streak-free, you understand that a lot of soap will leave suds. So the best thing that you can do is to eliminate those suds naturally. And it will totally be worth it if you do this the right way.

Paper towels are not good for this

Using paper towels for cleaning your windows is not a good idea. It sure sounds like something you might want to do, but it’s not as good as you might imagine. Ideally, you want to avoid rushing and removing paper towels from the equation is what really matters the most.

As you can see, understanding how to clean windows streak-free might take a bit of time. But it’s certainly rewarding and it has the potential to pay off very well.

Even if there are always challenges when it comes to dealing with such a situation, it will be well worth the effort. Try to take all these things into account and you will be more than ok. You should have no problem learning how to clean windows streak-free, just try to use the tips above for great results!

There are many benefits of cleaning windows.  Contact us today so we can help with any of our residential cleaning services.

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