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Why Choose Oasis Cleaners

Oasis house washing services can make your home look much cleaner than anyone with soap, water and a bucket could do.  

It takes a little more than a sponge and elbow grease to do a super cleaning job on your home’s surface.

We clean all your windows, siding and wood surfaces, which can truly help with curb appeal. We don’t just do window cleaning, we do much more with well over 10 years of experience in the cleaning industry.  We pride ourselves on making our customers happy by providing beauty.

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Soft Power Washing

For most homes we wash, we utilize pressure washing services with a lower psi so it will not cause any damage to your home’s exterior or any other part of your property.

Each one of our team technicians is highly trained on using our equipment to best serve you. Before we start we spray a special cleaning agent on your home that will help to loosen dirt and contaminates.  

The cleaning agent will go into the porous of your home’s siding and after sitting for a little while, it’s ready for soft or low volume pressure washing.  

This has a great effect on all the pollutants your home has collected over the years.  

The process will also kill most mold and mildew that has been sitting for years on your home.

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At Oasis we are truly excited to work with you on your project.

Types Of Homes We Service

The Cleveland, Ohio area has many different types of homes and the most common type of siding we see is vinyl siding, which is very easy to clean.  

However, in northeast Ohio we also see many older homes made from brick with sandstone ledges and wood siding.  These types of surfaces require much more care and caution than stronger siding. We can also clean stucco with our low pressure house cleaning services.

Roof Washing

One of the biggest requests we get is for roof washing of homes and businesses.  How we clean a roof, whether commercially or residential, all depends on the type of roof it is and commercial shingles that make it up.  

Many times we spray the roof down with a precleaning agent and then give it a scrub before applying any water cleaning.  Roof cleaning can be very good for any home, especially in the Cleveland, Ohio area.     

Deck, Patios & Fence Washing

Decks and fences are also a valuable part of your home that can take a beating throughout the year from weather.  Our company can easily clean any patio or fences while we are washing your home with a pressure washer.  We can also clean your outdoor furniture on your patio.  

Doors In Your Home

Many times the doors in your home get dirty from rain and snow every year.  If left to the elements and never cleaned, it can actually damage them and even cause issues with your heating and air conditioning bills.  

We take great care to make sure all your doors are cleaned during our house washing process.  We even go so far as to clean inside the door frames to make sure everything is ok. 

How Often Should I have my Home Washed?

Usually power washing a home about once a year is enough to keep your home looking beautiful and maintenance to a minimum. Problems arise when customers never have their homes exterior cleaned.

After years of neglect it is a hard job to get a home looking good again and the first time around it can cost more since there will be more dirt and grime to remove.

How Long Will It Take To Wash My Home?

This all depends on the size of your home, it’s architecture and how less or often your home’s outside has been cleaned. In general a house washing job can take anywhere from 1-3 hours.

Call For A Free Estimate

All you have to do is call us today and we can provide you with a free house washing estimate. We will include the cost and how long it will take us to make your homes outside clean again.

Paris Bardo is the owner and operator of Oasis Window Cleaning. He is always keeping up to date with new cleaning technologies and helping customers daily. Paris Linkedin Profile