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Driveway Cleaning Services

Oasis window cleaning now offers professional driveway cleaning services around the Cleveland, Ohio area. Many surfaces take a beating with our harsh weather every winter that requires renovation and restoration.

But this also depends on how much abuse the weather hands out. If the current year had a mild winter, then every other year is fine.

Things can also depend on how many vehicles are using it yearly and if there are any marks from tires.

Driveway cleaning services are an excellent investment for any homeowner and go great with our house washing services. Whether you have a patio or walkway that needs to be cleaned, there is a service available for you. These services can range from basic and affordable to all-inclusive. Here are the different services offered:

driveway cleaning

Basic Services – Basic cleaning includes sweeping away dirt and debris from areas with a broom or blower. Cleaning up leaves in the fall also falls under this category of work. This type of service typically takes about two hours.

Premium Services – Premium services include pressure washing your concrete surfaces using high-pressure water to lift the dirt and grime.

Commercial Driveway Cleaning Services

We can also help with commercial properties. They have the same driveway needs as residential homes or small businesses, but for a much larger area. We can provide pressure washing using hot water to remove stubborn stains and dirt from your concrete surfaces.

Maintenance For Commercial Properties

We do offer power washing service contracts for most commercial properties, like schools, parking lots, real estate, rental property and others. Please let us know if your project requires a monthly contract and an expert will call you. .

Residential Driveway Dirt

We can perform residential driveway cleaning services at your residence for minimal cost of most types of dirt. This type of service typically takes about two hours and costs for the job will depend on the size.

Tire Marks and Stain Removal

Pressure washing can remove most tire marks left on driveways due to weather and other factors. We have no problems removing these types of dirt on your concrete.

Oil Left On Your Driveway

Many times we have customers who either work on their car’s engine or the homeowner before them did. This can leave oil on a driveway which can be hard to get off. Oasis can help take that oil right off your driveway and make it look beautiful once again.

Driveway Mold

Driveway mold can be an enormous problem for many of our customers. We can wash away mold in almost all cases.

Driveway Damage

Many times, a driveway can be damaged beyond repair. There are also times when the driveway is damaged but need cleaned so repairs can begin. If you have any damage, please give us a call so we can assess the situation.


Sidewalks are a huge part of any residential driveway and many times they leave the sidewalk maintenance to the homeowner, even though the city owns them. We can include your walks in your quote.

Types of Driveway Cleaning Services We Offer

There are many types of surfaces that need proper cleaning. In our experience, we have handled many ones and know we can help.

Below is a list of what we can clean at any home or business.

We also offer sealing and power washing services.

Surface dirt

Concrete surfaces

Regular concrete cleaning

Grease spills

Oil Spills

Gasoline spills

Winter weathering

Organic matter problems

Sun weathering

All dirt

Paint issues

Rust Stains


patio cleaning


Any walkway

And much more

Do You Remove Other Things Like Gum?

Yes, we can remove gum and other contaminants like algae. Our solution and process will get rid of many unwanted elements and other issues.

Your driveway is important to the look of your home and we have what it takes to help you make it look brand-new again. Here are the benefits of cleaning.

We use state-of-the-art power washing equipment and every one of our staff goes through a full training on how to use our equipment every time. So your driveway will not only be clean but we will restore it to new again.

We handle both asphalt and Concrete with our driveway cleaning services.

Get in touch with Oasis today for your free quote.

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