Water Fed Window Cleaning

Water Fed Window Cleaning System

oasis window cleaning

Get Your windows much cleaner

Oasis window cleaners use a modern technology called water fed window cleaning.  

This is a safe, fast and efficient system that allows us to complete jobs much better and faster than in the past.  

We use a 3 stage RO Di water cleaning system.  

There are 5 main parts to a water fed window cleaning system.  These are:

A pump
A pump controller
A battery
A water line

Benefits of Water Fed Window Cleaning

This type of system allows us to take the water from your home and filter it through a line into the pole.  

This takes the tap water from your home and puts it through a carbon fiber filter.  The water coming from your house is usually hard and this system makes the water much cleaner and softer and purifies it.

We then use our pole and brush and clean the window by agitating the brush against the window.

The best part about this type of window cleaning is everything dry spot free.  This means you do not have to squeegee the window after it has been cleaned. 

Safety For Window Cleaners

Most water fed poles will telescope up to five stories high.  This allows us to clean many windows without ladders or buckets and makes everything much safer for our crew because they are more on the ground.    

Safer For the Environment

Our system allows us to get rid of all the old detergents and chemicals used in the past.  This also makes sure nothing on your property is damaged.  

Customers Get Much Cleaner Streak Free Glass

Our residential and commercial customers are happy with the results.  The pure water system acts as a natural detergent since there are fewer impurities.  You will not see any film or smears left behind in our work.


Paris Bardo is the owner and operator of Oasis Window Cleaning. He is always keeping up to date with new cleaning technologies and helping customers daily. Paris Linkedin Profile