How to Get Hard Water Stains Off Windows

Many customers ask us how to get hard water stains off windows. And this is the advice we offer to them. Be it your home or a store; windows are carriers of beauty that add a hint of warmth to the place.

With time, however, this alluring atmosphere can get tainted because of aggravating hard water stains. If your store windows become prey to these vicious predators, you can face severe losses in business.

Customers will give one look at your store windows and immediately vote in favor of not shopping there. 

The good news amongst the chaos these rile up for you is that eradicating them is a lot easier than you might think.

Below is a list of some handy DIY tips to toss those annoying water stains into the abyss and restore the charm of your surroundings. 

DIY Tips: How To Get Hard Water Stains Off Windows

You do not always need to go above and beyond to remove water stains off outside windows.

The following DIY tips are your one-stop solution to revive your windows into normalcy without having to search for a long list of prerequisites.

removing hard water stains from exterior windows

The Mighty Vinegar and Water Combo

The vinegar and water combo is not only the most effective combination to erase these from your window but is also the most effortless pair to search for.

You absolutely do not have to fret about which type of vinegar would work best. You can opt for any vinegar, but plain white vinegar is the most effective. Both the ingredients need to be added into a squirt bottle in the same ratio. 

This ratio can be altered according to the intensity of your stains. Where these have been ruling for an extended period or have become permanently etched onto your windows, increasing the vinegar concentration in the solution is advisable.

Once your solution is ready, spray it onto a rough towel and allow it to sit so the towel can absorb the solution. You can then start rubbing the soaked towel on the affected areas of your window. Ensure that every spot is taken care of to guarantee a neat finish.

Lemon is the New Vinegar

For those who do not have vinegar, there is absolutely no need to buy one. Lemon juice is an equally effective alternative to vinegar.

Extract the juice out of a lemon into a squirt bottle along with water. Spray the mixture onto the contaminated areas of your window and allow it to sit for a while.

Rub the spray points with a dry towel, and you will see the results. Some that are quite old will not go away immediately. You can reapply the above steps until the results are visible to remove such stubborn stains.

Toothpaste to the Rescue for Outside Windows

One of the many wonderful qualities of toothpaste involves clearing off build-up. This makes toothpaste a superb solution to clean up your windows.

Add water to a bowl along with toothpaste. The quantity of toothpaste depends on the age and the area. However, make sure that the amount of water is enough to make a clean paste.

If it is too watery, then the effectiveness of the remedy vanishes. 

Once the paste is up to the mark, you can apply it and leave it for some time.

To double the benefit of this tip, you can scrub the paste with a used toothbrush or a towel so that none of the hard stains find the opportunity to escape their new tyrant.

After that, you can wash off the windows with water. Pay extra attention to this step so that no amount of water is left behind on the window. This would again give birth to these stains, and you certainly do not want that to happen. 

The Vinegar and Baking Soda Duo For Exterior Windows

As a result of its acidic nature, vinegar is a popular tool for removing hard stains from windows.

When baking soda is amalgamated with vinegar, the efficacy of both ingredients gets two times more powerful. A point to remember when using the two ingredients together is to mix them in a wide bowl instead of a closed container.

Once the bubbles start arising, you can apply the mixture to the window and scrub it with a toothbrush or sponge. 

Let the mixture stay and spread to the layers of the window so that the stains are uprooted completely.

After a while, clean the window surface with water and a dry towel. Do not allow the water to stay on the surface, and ensure it has been completely wiped off.

Cleaning Products

Cleaning products that are specifically made to undo these from your windows are the most productive tools for this job.

However, the fact that they can create a burden on your finances has led them to stand last in our list of DIY tips. Some of the top favorites to remove hard water stains from windows on Amazon are:

  • A-MAZ Water Stain Remover
  • Bio Clean Hard Water Stain
  • Meyer’s Gel Vinegar Cleaner

Why is it Necessary to Remove Hard Water Stains From Your Window

Apart from the aesthetic point, the reason for removing hard water stains from outside windows goes deeper than that. Below is a list of possible mishaps that can occur if hard stains are not removed immediately. 

Surface Degradation

Grit from hard stains can travel to the depths of your wall resulting in cracks. Over time this can impair the surface of windows to an extent where they would have to be replaced.

Health Hazards

The dirt that gets trapped in cracks can result in mold over a period of time. This is a major shooting arrow towards your health, especially causing problems to your lungs.

Nasty View

Hard water stains ruin your view of the outside world. It even blocks the sunlight coming into your house, which shields the serene rays from entering your house. 

Window Cleaners Are Only a Step Away

If you do not want to move a muscle but are in dire need and asking how to get hard water stains off windows, then help is only a call away.

Search for some of the best window cleaners in your vicinity and get them to do all the work for you.

The perk of this method is that the possibility of any loopholes that may arise if you are doing the work will be eliminated. You can enjoy the view from your newly refurbished windows without having to invest any considerable effort into it.

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