How To Hire A Window Cleaning Company

Here’s how to hire a window cleaning company. Look for reviews, references, a professional website, are they a chamber of commerce member and how long have then been in business? It’s the sum of all these things that will help you find a professional cleaning company who will do good work.

So you may want to know how to hire a window cleaning company. It’s always good to check out whoever you hire to do any work around your home or business. These days, you really never know who you are dealing with.

Not only do you want to hire a professional company or person who has a clean record, but you want to hire someone who really knows how to do the job correctly.

So no matter if you hire us, Oasis Window Cleaners or someone else, heres what to look out for. We also admit it there are many good window cleaning companies other than us. We have many friends in this business.

how to hire a window cleaning company

How Long Has The Window Cleaning Company Been In Business?

We feel this is important to know for several reasons. Sure, you may want to hire a friend’s son who just started a company and there is nothing wrong with that. But if he is new to the business, do you feel you should pay premium prices?

Finding a company that has been in business for atleast 5 years

If you are looking for a pro to clean your windows, then you need to look for someone who has been in business for at least 5 years. If the company has been in business this long, then there is a very good chance they know what they are doing.

And if you are paying good money to have your windows cleaned, then hiring a company who will be efficient and get the job done correctly is what you want.

Google Can Help

These days in Google search, especially in the Google map results, it will tell you how long the company has been in business, right next to their name. If a company has taken the time to set up their Google profile the right way, then you can bet they are a decent company.

Look For A Decent Amount Of Reviews

These days they can alter reviews, but if you know where to look, then you can save time and hire a real professional.

Usually the places to look for reviews are Google, Yelp and Angie’s List. These are the main one but there are others. These companies hold reviews in high standards and are usually very good.

The one thing about reviews is you can see really excellent reviews in one place and then critical reviews in another. So make sure to look around.

Reviews are not the end all and be all of everything, but they are a decent tool to help you decide who to hire.

Ask For References

You can always ask any company for references before hiring them. Any company who has been around a while should a at least a few people you can check with about the company.

Are They A Member of A City Chamber Of Commerce?

A company who takes their business seriously is usually a member of some cities’ chamber of commerce. Fees can be very high so they may not join every single year they have been in business, but having at least a year or two shows, they take business seriously.

Do They Have A Professional Website?

Has the company you want to do business with taken the time to set up a professional-looking website? If they have, then this shows they have money to invest in marketing and that they care about their professional image.

Is The Website Helpful

If you were to search the website, did the company take the time to produce helpful content? For instance with the subject of window cleaning a company can be extremely helpful to clients if there were to write articles not just about window cleaning but if they covered the subject of windows in general.

There is a huge amount to know about windows when you are a window cleaner. So why wouldn’t a company take the time to produce content from their knowledge to help their clients?

Does Their Website Have Contact info and policies

A professional company will take the time to not only create a contact us page but they will only have information online about their payment and terms policies.

Are There Real Pictures On The Site

Does their website show pictures that are of the real owner and crew or are they using stock images? Most spam companies will use stock photos only and never show any real company photographs. Although a newer decent company just starting out may not have the ability to put real photos online just yet.

An excellent company will show decent before and after pictures as well.

If a company cares about their image, then there is a good chance they do good work.

How Is Their Customer Service?

If you called a company and they didn’t call you back. What does that show you? Sure, some companies may be too busy to take on your job, but they should at least call you back and tell you that.

While some very good companies are smaller and operate as a one or two man business, you should get a call back within one day minimum.

Are They Licensed, Bonded and Insured?

Not every company is required to have a license for their business. But if they are at least an LLC that shows you, they are a real business. You also want to make sure they are insured in case anything goes wrong. Windows can break and other things can happen on your property.

Hiring a Window Cleaning Company Conclusion

There are tell tale signs when it comes to finding a professional caring company, no matter what you need done. Take the time and research who you are hiring. Look for things such as decent reviews, a pro website, references and how long has the company been in business. Doing so can help you spend your money and get quality service.

Paris Bardo is the owner and operator of Oasis Window Cleaning. He is always keeping up to date with new cleaning technologies and helping customers daily. Paris Linkedin Profile