How To Remove Paint on Windows

You just finished that long-awaited DIY home painting project and you are happy with the results so far. Then you notice the unexpected- splotches of paint on the window glass that you somehow missed despite how steady you were with the brush.

The thought of having to go after those unsightly marks with a scraping tool just dampens the mood.

However, cleaning painting spots from your windows is easier than you think. You only need to have the right tools (most of which are in your kitchen) and tips to get your windows looking sparkly and good as new. You can also hire Oasis Window Cleaners to get the job done.

Before we start, one thing to note is that removing paint on windows will depend on the type of paint you are working with. The various types of paints include;

  • Standard latex paint
  • Oil-based paint
  • Paint primers
  • Specialty paints

How to remove paint on windows can be as easy as using a razor blade or may involve at-home products such as vinegar to get the job done well. It all depends on the type of paint you are dealing with. Flat or standard latex paints are easy to remove compared to oil-based paints, primers, and specialty paints.

Nonetheless, with the right equipment and some elbow grease, you can get your windows looking pristine again.

There are a few ways to remove paint on glass. You can usually find the household items that will do the job properly.

How to remove paint from windows using a razor blade

Getting paint off your windows, glass doors, or mirror frames may only need a simple tool like a razor blade. You will also need.

  • A glass cleaner
  • Utility knife
  • Paper towels

First, clean the glass

Cleaning the glass removes any dirt or foreign objects that scraped paint may latch onto. It also makes it easier to see the paint spots. Use the glass cleaner and paper towels to clean off dirt.

Prep the edges

If the paint splotch spreads from the window frame to the glass, peeling it off may also lift the paint on the frame. To prevent this, score the edges of the glass using the utility knife. It ensures that no paint peels away from the frame when you go in with the razor blade.

Scrape with the razor blade

Go in with the razor blade scraping at a 45-degree angle. Scrape in the direction of glass-to-frame as opposed to frame-towards-glass. Doing this prevents ruining the frame’s finish with the razor blade. Also, scrape in a forward steady motion as opposed to side to side to prevent scratching the glass.

Removing paint on windows using vinegar

Struggling to clean the paint off your windows? No problem, using vinegar can help loosen the paint and make cleaning a breeze. You only need a few tools to get started.

What you need.

  • White vinegar
  • Glass measuring cup
  • Thick rubber gloves
  • Dish soap
  • Cleaning rags
  • Glass cleaner
  • Bucket
  • Razor blade

The cleaning process

Preheat one glass of white vinegar in the measuring cup in a microwave until it boils. While wearing the rubber gloves, dip the rag into the hot vinegar then rub on the paint spots to remove them. Hot vinegar loosens the hardened paint making it easy to remove.

Fill the bucket with warm water and add the dish soap until it forms a sud. Dip a second rag into the soapy warm water and dab it on the stubborn paint spots. The soap lubricates the glass surface so it makes it easy to scrape with the razor blade, it also prevents the razor from scratching the grass.

When the glass surface is soapy enough, it’s time to pick up the razor blade. Angle it 45 degrees and gently scrape in one smooth motion. Ensure you move the blade in one direction to prevent scratching the glass. If the paint still feels tough, dab it some more with soapy water to loosen it.

The goal is to lift the entire splotch of paint in one scrape rather than flake it with the blade. Always dab the glass with soapy water to prevent the paint spots from drying again.

When all the paint spots come off, grab another rag and the glass cleaner. Spray the glass generously before wiping off any paint streaks that remained. Finishing with a glass cleaner ensures your window remains sparkly and spotless!

How to remove paint on windows with masking product

A third option for removing paint from windows using liquid masking products that you can purchase over the counter. The masking product when applied over the paint spots will peel off when dried removing the paint stains too.

Prep the window glass by spraying glass cleaner on it then wipe it with paper towels. When the window is clean, apply the masking liquid and leave it on until it dries. Use the razor blade or a utility knife to score the edges of the masking product. Peel the masking product with your fingers and finally wipe the glass with a cleaner and paper towel for a sparkly shine.

More tips on how to remove paint on windows

  • Always clean paint spots on windows while still fresh. It reduces the hard work needed to remove stubborn dried-up stains later.
  • Some professional painters advise against using painter’s tape to protect the glass from paint smudges. As it turns out, you always have paint spots that leaked through the tape and got to the glass.
  • Nail polish remover works the same way as masking products. The acetone in nail polish will soften the paint spots making it easy to wipe them off.
  • There are plenty of other paint removal products on the market. Find out what works for you and use any of the above methods to remove paint on windows.
  • If you don’t trust your steady hand, there is no harm in hiring a professional painter. Saves you the headache!


How to remove paint on windows is easy if you have the right tools. If you are only dealing with tiny bits of paint spots, a razor blade is all you need to remove the paint stains. For tougher paint stains that won’t come off at first, a combination of hot vinegar, a clean rag, and some elbow grease will do the trick. Dab stubborn stains with soapy water to loosen them and gently scrape them off with a razor blade to leave behind a clean sparkly window. Easy peasy!

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