Famous People From North Ridgeville Ohio

Oasis Window Cleaning North Ridgeville presents famous people from North Ridgeville Ohio. North Ridgeville is a city located inside Lorain County Ohio and is not too far from Cleveland. In fact you can take Detroit road all the way into the major city or take Interstate 90. With a population around 36,000, you would think that no one famous ever came out of the city. But this simply is not true as there are a few famous people who born in or lived in N.R. at one time or another.

North Ridgeville has many things to do and is a great place to live as well and we hope to see more famous people one day coming out of the city.

In fact there is at least one big star who lived in the city for a decent amount of time.

So, with that said here are a few famous people from North Ridgeville Ohio.

The Famous People

#1 Martin Mull

Martin Mull is now almost 80 years old at the time of this writing. Martin moved to North Ridgeville when he was around two years old and lived in the city until he was 15.

You may remember Martin from shows like Rosanne or the movie Mr. Mom with Michael Keaton. But Martin has been in a whole host of Tv shows and movies dating back to the 70’s. He actually started his career as a songwriter with country music.

Martin continues to act to this day and is showing no signs of slowing down his career. He is currently in an episode of Netflix’s hit show Grace & Frankie this year 2022.

We think its pretty cool Martin spent a good amount of time growing up in North Ridgeville and a good portion of his roots can be traced back to the city.

#2 Joe Charboneau

Anyone who has loved Cleveland sports knows who Super Joe is. He was the all star player of the Cleveland Indians back in the early 80’s who was won the AL rookie of the year award, who was going to take the Indians all the way.

Joe was one of the coolest guys in town back then and you may remember all the hub bub surrounding Joe with T-shirts, pens, mugs and more.

The only issue was super Joe has some back luck with crazy fans and back injuries and never fully recovered. So, Cleveland never really got to see the real potential of this great athlete.

The cool thing is Joe currently lives in North Ridgeville, Ohio with his wife.

#3 Jeff Armbruster

Jeff is the former 2 term mayor of North Ridgeville and is currently the cities safety service director. He was also in the Ohio Senate 13th district until 2006.

Jeff also owns and operates 4 Shell gas stations (4 with More) located in Lakewood, North Olmsted and North Ridgeville.

#4 Don Pope

You may or may not have heard of Don Pope before. He is a former strongman competitor until 2007 and came in 3rd place in 2006. The crazy thing about Don is his true strong ability. This guy is a beast that can deadlift almost around 1000 lbs. and do the deadlift at around 800 lbs.

He was born in North Ridgeville in 1972 and is currently 50 years old. He is a school teacher by trade. Thanks Don for being you!

#5 Brett Harkins

Brett was born in North Ridgeville Ohio in 1970 on July 2nd. He was a professional hockey player for about 18 years and played for well know teams such as the Boston Bruins, Columbus blue jackets and the Florida panthers. What an incredible career this man has had. He is currently 52 years old and won the all team CCHA Rookie Team award in 1989 and 1990. Very cool indeed!

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