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Roof Cleaning Services

Roof Cleaning Services

Having a clean, sturdy roof over your head is one of the most important things about your home. Yes, most people never really think about it, or they do when it’s too late.  

Your roof can also take a beating depending on where you live during winter and summer months. Plus, not to mention things like moss and algae can accumulate. Your roof can also look very unsightly if not cleaned every year.

Hiring a contractor for roof cleaning services can expand the life of your roof. And if you have a commercial property, it will look less like an eyesore for renting tenants.

Why Choose Oasis as Your Roof Cleaner

We are not only a professional window cleaning company, but our other services also include power washing and a complete roof cleaning. We have a high-level understanding of how to clean things properly and completely.

We will also go over everything with you before we even start the job, during our quoting process. This way, you know everything up front and receive no surprises.

We also use the most modern cleaning equipment available today. Along with harsh free cleaning chemicals. This allows us to get everything clean while softly washing most projects.

The environment is a huge priority for us and helps us deliver safe cleaning and the same experience for every customer.

Oasis Quoting Process

Our quoting process is simple yet highly effective and will not take much of your time. We take the time to go over everything about your property and notice if there are any defects or anything before; we start your project. Our quotes are good for at least 30 days.

Why Roof Cleaning?

Having your roof cleaned at least yearly has many benefits you might not think of. We take the hard cleaning part and make it easy and worry-free for you.

  1. Less damage to your roof – There are several reasons for roof cleaning services, but damage tops them all. A roof is susceptible to many harmful things like bacteria. Having your roof cleaned regularly will make it last longer.
  2. Look better in commercial settings – If you own a commercial property and want it to look its best, then there is no better way than taking care of everything, including the roof.
  3. Less on energy bills – one thing no one ever thinks about is energy for their roof. A clean roof means less energy used.

Types Of Roof Cleaning

There are many types of roofs for residential and commercial properties. And we may use different tactics for each type.

General roof cleaning & brushing

This type of cleaning removes debris, leaves, and dirt off a roof, usually before cleaning. But this service can also serve as a standalone. Many times, these debris get caught in roof shingles and other places like gutters. Having someone remove them regularly can help maintain a roof’s life expectancy.

Roof Washing Services

For this service, we use either a power washer or combine scrubbing with washing. What we do will all depend on the type of roof we are servicing. We perform this in two ways. Soft washing and pressure washing.

Other roof care

Other types of roof cleaning involve using chemical treatments along with pressure washing. Most of the time, we use these for commercial roofs. We can send out our cleaning technician to inspect and clean your roof of any issues they find. 

Roof Cleaning Near Me Process

For each roof cleaning job we perform, we follow our proven process for making everything go smoothly.

Inspection: For each job we do, a technician will come out to your location and inspect your roof. They will follow our 10-point inspection process, which will help assess the cleaning needed. We will also inspect your roof for any damage.

Next, once hired, we will begin our roof cleaning preparations. We will cover all surfaces near the cleaning.

Finally, we clean, which can involve a few different techniques.

Last is our final inspection process. After cleaning, we check everything over and ensure your roof looks clean. If there are any issues, we will address them. 

Paris Bardo is the owner and operator of Oasis Window Cleaning. He is always keeping up to date with new cleaning technologies and helping customers daily. Paris Linkedin Profile