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Causes Of Window Damage

Many of our customer do not think about the causes of window damage let alone the windows in their home. There are many different types of windows and many different ways damage can occur to any window in your home.

If the windows in your home are older, it may be time to give some thought to them. Good quality windows can save on energy costs year round and keep you cool in the summer and warm in the winter.

With that said here are some of the causes of window damage that can occur in your home.

Leaving Your Windows Open All The Time

Windows are a fantastic thing we never really think about. If your home is hot in summertime, you can just open all your windows and get a cool breeze.

The issue with this is there are those who will forget their windows are left open. And then a rain storm happens. And depending on the direction of rain flow in your area, water could beat down on any window directly against it.

And what happens in water gets inside the window and it stays wet for a while as in seeps down into the window and sometimes even your home. This can take a longtime to dry and if it gets humid out it will only cause worse problems.

If you leave your windows open a lot during summer, make sure you close them for rain at all times especially if there is no awning protection.

You may think leaving a small bathroom window open all the time is ok. Just make sure to inspect the window from time to time and make sure their is no water damage.

Humidity & Moisture

Humidity can cause more damage to a window faster than you think. And it’s not always because your going through and extreme summer either.

There are other things inside your home that can cause high humidity to occur such as a dishwasher, air conditioning, certain plants, hot showers and more can all cause issues with your windows.

If you notice condensation on or around your windows this can be a sign you need to call a heating and air specialist.

Improper Window Cleaning

Many homeowner think they can buy a pressure washer from Home Depot and while they wash their home they can also wash their windows with it.

While this may seem to get your windows clean, it can also cause damage to your windows. It can cause seal damage and actually make the window less efficient.

Make sure you clean your windows to manufacturer specification only and use proper cleaning tools and cleaning solutions.

Poor Installation

When windows are installed improperly it can cause big problems later on. Your windows should be installed by a professional company who knows what they are doing. Windows that are not installed in this way can cause cracks and other leaks what will show over a short amount of time.

Neglecting Your Windows

Neglecting your windows is another one of the causes of window damage we see a lot. Some home owners do not think about their windows for a long time and then suddenly want them to be clean only to find their windows have been damaged overtime from the elements.

It very important to inspect your windows and clean them at least once a year.

Animals & Insects

One of the other causes of window damage people never think about is animals and insects.

For example, insects such as ants can damage a window by coming through it or even having a small nest in it. Ants can cause the same exact damage that termites do.

Small animals can also wreak havoc on basement windows if they are trying to get inside your home when your not looking. They could smell food or other things that could attract them. Or they are simply just trying to get warm in the winter.

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